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Our Services

Being it a film idea or your need a commercial for your new product, or a documentary on something that can be important.
Let's get to the next level together.
Find below our services.

Fictional Narrative Productions

After producing more than 10 of our own projects, from short films to series to collaborating with other production teams we have acquired the needed team, experience, and skills to source the needed resources to bring your project to life.

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We will make sure that your event looks amazing to everyone. One of the most important things is to be able to show the best version possible of what your event was and we are here to help you with that.

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Documentary Narrative Productions

We look at documentary projects as a way to leave our mark in history and somehow positivly impact our society.

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A team of creatives from different backgrounds and professional backgrounds, ready to create something to attract more attention to your product.
We work with businesses and personal brands.

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What Our Clients Say


Ideias Felix, Switzerland

The Santano team did an amazing job producing the video for our latest event in Basel.
The Event video is being displayed on TV channels in Portugal and other countries.

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