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Santano Productions was founded in March 2021 through the collaboration of two creative minds, Henrique Sungo from Angola and Filipe Anjos from São Tomé and Príncipe. The name "Santano" blends São Tomé and Angola, symbolizing our deep love, respect, and commitment to our cultures and communities.

Residing in London, UK, we embarked on our first project together—a short documentary about the Covid-19 pandemic—which we submitted to a film festival. This project won the Best Short Documentary Jury Award, marking the beginning of our journey. Since then, we have released numerous short-form projects, won international film festivals, traveled the globe for various film and cinema events, and produced video content for remarkable individuals and companies.

Right now, we help other entities bring their true brand into the world through video storytelling and are also developing various series projects. Above all, our journey has been enriched by the opportunity to collaborate with incredible, intentional, and humble people from around the world.



Filipe Anjos


Filipe is a filmmaker and actor with a rich multicultural heritage from São Tomé and Príncipe, who grew up in Portugal and Spain. His diverse upbringing has gifted him with a unique perspective that he brings to every project. Passionate about storytelling, Filipe explores different cultures, beliefs, and experiences with authenticity and empathy. His experience spans directing, producing, writing, and editing, allowing him to continually refine his visual storytelling skills with a keen eye for detail. Filipe believes in the power of good communication to foster a positive and progressive work environment, and he uses innovation to push the boundaries of cinema and introduce new ideas to the screen.


Henrique Sungo


Angolan national and resident in London, a filmmaker, author, psychologist, and nutrition consultant. 
With experience as an actor for TV commercials, Henrique also has done a scriptwriter introduction course at the University of East Anglia. 
'I want to make a documentary to bring and show the reality that people know but are too afraid and shy to narrate or highlight. I want a paradigm shift'.

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