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Santano Productions was born out of the collaboration between two creative individuals, Henrique Sungo from Angola and Filipe Anjos from Sao Tome and Principe.

The name Santano is a combination of Sao Tome and Angola.
This represents their love, respect, and commitment to their culture and community.

Both living in London, UK decided to work on a project together and submit it to a festival, a short documentary about the Covid19 pandemic.
They won the festival in the category of Best Short Documentary Jury Award.
They believe that there are so many stories to be told and that they are here for it.
They are now in the developing stage for new film documentary projects.



Filipe Anjos


With a background from Sao Tome and Principe, born in Portugal, Filipe is now based in London.
After finishing his football career, he moved into the tech and business world.
His passion for arts and culture always kept him with a foot on different projects.

'I aim to be able to teach people things that will change their lives in a positive way'.
Filipe is the founder of the brand African Clothing.

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Henrique Sungo


Angolan national and resident in London, a filmmaker, author, psychologist, and nutrition consultant. 
With experience as an actor for TV commercials, Henrique also has done a scriptwriter introduction course at the University of East Anglia. 
'I want to make a documentary to bring and show the reality that people know but are too afraid and shy to narrate or highlight. I want a paradigm shift'.


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